Presented by the Aiken Center for the ARTS

Manga Workshop

Instructor: Xavier Jones & Sheldon Eastman

Come and join us in creating your original or favorite Manga character. This camp will be a great learning experience in artistic skill and understanding a major part of Japans publishing industry and culture. Manga characters are noted for their big eyes and small mouth with amazing vibrant hair color


Students will, by the end of this class, have a complete character rendering in black and white design and in color, as well as a deeper understanding of  Manga, Anime, and Sequential Art. Students will also learn the basic professional supplies needed for their start in Manga, as well as draw their first Manga facial features in multiple views including frontal, three-quarter, and profile views.


Two graphite pencils, 2H and HB; one non-photo blue pencil; two Sharpie Pens—one medium point and one fine point; and one Magic Rub eraser.  Paper will be supplied by instructor. (Some other supplies will be available at facilities while they last)


Day,  9am – 12pm Activity
Monday Drawing the basic “Manga Head”  3 views (front, side & quarter view)
Tuesday Drawing “Manga Eyes/Hair (b&w and color, using the three color tone rule)
Wednesday Drawing a “Manga Body” basic rules and understanding. (arms, legs hands, feet and torso)
Thursday Review first three days. Practice drawing heads and full body characters
Friday Inking characters (understanding thick and thin lines and creating the illusion of space) Full character drawing (11×17 character drawing. Inked and colored)


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