Presented by the Aiken Center for the ARTS

Story Telling Workshop

Instructor: Xavier Jones & Sheldon Eastman

This class will help build strong standards in both drawing skills and techniques, continuing the individual’s knowledge of character design, and storytelling with story boards and other sequential art processes. This workshop will be a great learning experience in artistic skill and understanding furthering the art process.


Students will, by the end of this class, have a complete character design and background of (Characters) and with this design place it in 3-4 different story telling formats in (Sequential Art.) Students will also learn the basic professional supplies needed for their start in story telling (Sequential Art)


Two graphite pencils, 2H and HB; one non-photo blue pencil; two Sharpie Pens—one medium point and one fine point; and one Magic Rub eraser.  Paper will be supplied by instructor. (Some other supplies will be available at facilities while they last)


Day,  1pm – 4pm Activity 
Monday Define Story Telling, and Sequential Art.

Draw foundation sketch of character(s) pencil. Give background to Character(s)

Tuesday Story boarding; telling a story through small 3×4 blocks. Shows motion setting and character interaction
Wednesday 3-4 panel squares that give short action reaction. Either comical or serious subject
Thursday Comic Book pages; 11×17 introduction to the comic book set up and how it works
Friday Refine, define and complete at least one of the 3 storytelling methods before session complete.


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